About Us
We do more so you can spend less.
When we pioneered Fair Market Pricing, we made a commitment.

A commitment to deliver exceptional results

At Reliant Health Partners, we understand that saving money is just the beginning. We work to reduce noise by offering total transparency at every stage of the Fair Market Pricing process. And that’s just the beginning.

Our job is to make your job a little easier

We take customer satisfaction seriously. In fact, you can call and speak to our CEO or any member of our leadership team at any time. We guarantee that our method – and our people – will outperform anyone in the business. More savings. Less noise. Total transparency. That’s why more and more, clients are counting on Reliant Health Partners.

Discover the real impact of Fair Market Pricing

We invite you to put our services to the test. Compare what you’re saving now to what you could be saving with Reliant Health Partners. Simply send us test claims and we’ll show you the real impact of Fair Market Pricing.

Our Leadership Team
  • Jason McLaren
    Jason McLaren Chief Executive Officer
  • Bailey Smith
    Bailey Smith Chief Operating Officer
  • Arthur Chapman
    Arthur Chapman Chief Sales Officer
  • Joe McCormack
    Joe McCormack Executive VP
  • Dave Arthur
    Dave Arthur Business Development
  • Clay McCormack
    Clay McCormack General Counsel
Our Mission
Our Mission
Our Mission
To be a leader and innovator of products and services for healthcare payers, leaving no dollars on the table and increasing bottom lines.
Our Philosophy
Our Philosophy
Our Philosophy
Provide superior services, solutions and savings to our Clients with total transparency and respect for all parties, while never compromising the quality of care delivered to covered individuals.
Our Promise
Our Promise
Our Promise
We guarantee a 48 hour turnaround time on all claims submitted through our Fair Market Pricing service with maximum savings and complete transparency across all service types.
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