Fair Market Pricing is the #1 Reimbursement Method for Payers

With over 100,000+ claims reviewed and counting, Reliant Health Partners is the most comprehensive and trusted firm in our industry.

Focused Reviews

Reliant reviews each claim based on objective standards and nationally accepted standards of coding.

Expert Audit Team

Our team performs line-by-line reviews of all claims submitted, ensuring no dollars are left on the table.

Lower Appeal Rates

Reliant handles all communication with Providers in the event of an appeal or balance billing.

Defensible Data

Reliable and accurate data that is clearly communicated with healthcare providers.

Instant and Seamless Service

Simply provide a claim image or data file and a detailed Explanation of Review (EOR) is returned.

Flexible Implementation

Reliant will adapt to your existing claims flow and preferred methods of transferring data.

Surpassing all other cost containment strategies

  • Discounts not based on a % off of subjective billed charges
  • Consistent savings across the country
  • Coding edits, unbundling and modifier-specific adjustments
  • 48 hour turnaround time
Wrap Networks 15%
Usual & Customary 12%
Prospective Negotiations 22%
Fair Market Pricing 52%

Reliant is saving Clients money everyday!

Join the growing number of satisfied Payers and see how our cost containment services can help you reduce medical costs.

Claims Reviewed
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Savings Achieved
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The Pioneers of Fair Market Pricing™

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