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For us every claim is an opportunity.

  • An opportunity to deliver results.
  • An opportunity to earn your business.
  • An opportunity to prove that Fair Market Pricing is the most effective reimbursement method by far.

At Reliant Health Partners, we take customer service seriously.

At Reliant Health Partners, we take customer service seriously. That’s why from the moment you call us, you work with experts who handle everything from start to finish. It’s beyond seamless. We actually adapt to you. No need to change your processes or your systems or any aspect of anything you do. We can even receive and transmit your claims electronically with absolute security. At Reliant Health Partners, we’re here to make your job easier and to ensure that you achieve maximum savings with minimum noise.

That’s what we do. And we do it better than anyone in the business.

We utilize our Fair Market Pricing method to achieve unparalleled results in two critical areas:
Control medical costs on
all service types.
We deliver maximum savings with minimum noise. Through best-in-class methodology and robust reporting capabilities we guarantee that no one will save you more.
Achieve savings beyond State Workers’ Compensation Fee Schedules.
We can achieve discounts in States with and without fee schedules. We also have the expertise to achieve additional discounts on claims that have already been significantly reduced through prior bill review and audits.
The final word on appeals and balance billing:

We know that appeals are a concern. We also know that Fair Market Pricing produces a transparent and fair price for both the provider and the payer. If an appeal is made, we immediately contact the provider and follow up with a written document explaining the process we used to arrive at the Fair Market Price allowable reimbursement.  It’s difficult for the provider to ask for additional payment when he has accepted our allowed amount for the same procedure from other payers in the past. However, in the few cases that the provider refuses to accept our allowance as full and final payment, we will negotiate a settlement and receive a release or “sign off”.

Over our 6 year history, we have maintained an appeal rate of less than 1.75%.

Balance Billing is a major concern with most self-funded plans.  We consider balance billing an appeal from the provider and will get involved to resolve the matter on behalf of the member and client. If legal action is necessary to resolve a balance bill, we will bear the cost of defending the member and plan.

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Try our test claims service and see how Fair Market Pricing can impact your bottom line. There’s no risk. No cost. No reason not to see if Fair Market Pricing can make a difference.

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