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Get maximum savings with minimum noise.

Fair Market Pricing delivers up to 65% savings in less than 48 hours. Guaranteed.

Go ahead and compare. Better yet, compare an actual claim.

Submit test claims to Reliant Health Partners and we’ll show you just how much additional savings Fair Market Pricing can deliver. No gimmicks. No catches. No costs. Just compare what you’re saving now to what you could be saving with Fair Market Pricing.

Surgery Center

We significantly reduce costs across all insurance lines.

We created our Fair Market Pricing method to make sure that our clients could capture all savings that are available – without creating noise. It’s not a simple repricing engine and it goes way beyond simply accepting predetermined percentages.

With Fair Market Pricing, every line of every claim is reviewed by experienced claims professionals. Nothing is left to chance. No savings are left on the table. We like to say that we outperform the competition because we simply outwork them. Your claims are handled start to finish by our experts – all you see is savings. Significant savings.

No one likes noise.  We get it.

That’s why at Reliant Health Partners, we only use sound and transparent data for reimbursements. We also defend all payment recommendations and we provide detailed explanations for providers that appeal payments. Maximizing savings while minimizing provider appeals is the sole focus of our Fair Market Pricing service.

Our appeal rate is less than 1.75%.

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